My NuGet packages

How to use my NuGet Packages?

You have to create a Portable Class Libraby first. In this PCL Project you have to add my NuGet Packages and from this you can find the interfaces and the platforms specific implementations. 🙂 If you have any qouestion, do not hesitate to contact me!


Xamarin.Forms.Portable.FileStoreAndLoad: With this package you can create files, write files and load text from file.

XamarinClearCookies:With this Package you can clear all applicaion’s cookies. So if you are already logged in with your social media account you can simply log out with this.

HTTPBasicAuthentication: With this NuGet package you can log in with HTTP Basic Authentication with Webrequest and Webresponse.

Xamarin.Azure.EasyTableFunctions: With this Package you can use the essential database functions with your Azure Easy Tables. You don’t have to write all of your Tables all functions, just create the Model of your Table with a string id and give it to the functions. – don’t have to create PCL, just download the Package.